Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Vacation USA 2012

Finding the perfect summer vacation can be challenging, especially if you are looking for a family friendly destination. Florida is one of the top family friendly destinations in the USA, if not the world, but going there in the summer time is advisable as the temperature is usually very high there in the summer season. If you are planning to visit the Orlando Theme parks, prepare for long waits in lines for the rides in the sweltering heat. The high humidity just helps in making things much more uncomfortable. That is the main reason i would advice against visiting Florida in the summer, unless you are a beach freak, then i guess the hotter the weather the better for you.

One hot spot to visit in the summer season is Maine, as the temperature is moderate in the summer, and there are plenty of activities to participate in. Most of Maine's attractions are family friendly, from the outdoor activities to the sight seeing tours, or the whale watching boat rides. Maine is considered one of the best nature lovers destination in the USA, for its magnificent rivers, beautiful scenic mountains and its coastal islands.

Exploring the beauty of mother nature is one of many things you can do in Maine, but the state features many more attractions for the entire family especially kids with its vast variety of amusement parks and water parks where kids as well as grown-ups can have an adventurous day full of fun. The crowds are way much smaller than the ones in Orlando's parks, and the wait time for the rides is not even close to that of Florida's amusement parks.

There are nearly fifty parks and historic sites in Maine for out-door entertainment and sightseeing tours. You can visit a living history museum, take guided tours to capture photos of all kinds of birds and other wildlife creatures , or go horse-back riding through the forest, and mountainsides. You can also take the kids for a ride on one of the many whale watching boats that sail about twenty miles of the coast where you can see the huge whales along with the humongous white sharks swimming alongside the boat. Try not to eat right before boarding the boat as that might cause you to get sea-sick, and prevent you from enjoying the trip. 

Maine is considered vacationland for its unique natural beauty, densely wooded mountains, fabulous coastline, along with its state and national parks, such as Baxter State Park, White Mountains National Forest, and the crown jewel of the nation's parks: The Acadia National Park. People visiting will find countless variety of activities, most will probably run out of time before having a chance to explore everything the state has to offer.

Southern Maine is known for its cosmopolitan cities and beautiful shorelines, while the North is famous for its magnificent forests and farmland. Maine is also famous for its delicious seafood, especially lobsters. You can enjoy eating a variety of fresh seafood meals at many of the eateries scattered all over the coastal cities. Whether you visit Northern or Southern Maine you will have a very fun-filled time along with your children.

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